Sunday, March 16, 2008

Anorak City: An Indie Pop Mix

1. Heavenly "Lemonhead Boy"
2. Bright Coloured Lights "Open Your Eyes"
3. Tiger Trap "My Broken Heart"
4. Amy Linton & Stewart Anderson "The Lights Are Out"
5. Another Sunny Day "Anorak City"
6. Brighter "I Don't Think It Matters"
7. Brittle Stars "Tripping Me Up"
8. Fat Tulips "Chainsaw"
9. My Favorite "The Happiest Days of My Life"
10. The Shermans "Practiced Performance"
11. The Flatmates "I Could Be in Heaven"
12. Rocketship "Hey Hey Girl"
13. Henry's Dress "Hey Allison"
14. The Lucksmiths "Music to Hold Hands To"
15. Math and Physics Club "Graduation Day"
16. McCarthy "This Nelson Rockefeller"
17. Nixon "Undevoted Friend"
18. Poundsign "The Best Days"
19. Red Sleeping Beauty "Sick and Tired"
20. The Cat's Miaow "Born on a Train"
21. Would-Be-Goods "Pantomime Devil"
22. 14 Iced Bears "Like a Dolphin"
23. Laura Watling "Perfect Penmanship"
24. Action Biker "Farrah"
25. Blueboy "Too Good to Be True"
26. Marine Girls "A Place in the Sun"
27. Even As We Speak "Anybody Anyway"
28. Dear Nora "Suicide Song"

Purest, sweetest indie-pop.

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