Monday, March 17, 2008

Unknown Legends and Urban Spacemen: A Tribute to Richie Unterberger

1. The Rising Storm "Frozen Laughter"
2. The Beau Brummels "I Will Go"
3. The Poets "I Love Her Still"
4. The Outsiders "I Love You, No. 2"
5. Skip Spence "Cripple Creek"
6. Tim Buckley "Aren't You the Girl"
7. The Blossom Toes "I'll Be Late for Tea"
8. Fred Neil "December's Dream"
9. Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood "Some Velvet Morning"
10. Can "Mushroom"
11. Young Marble Giants "Salad Days"
12. Mimi & Richard FariƱa "Bold Marauder"
13. Judy Henske & Jerry Yester "St. Nicholas Hall"
14. Bonzo Dog Band "I'm the Urban Spacemen"
15. Love "The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This"
16. Chris Knox "Half-Man / Half-Mole"
17. The Rutles "Cheese and Onions"
18. The Pretty Things "Balloon Burning"
19. The Raincoats "No Side to Fall In"
20. The Chocolate Watch Band "No Way Out"
21. The Monk "Oh, How to Do Now"
22. The Bobby Fuller Four "Never to be Forgotten"
23. The Great Society "White Rabbit (Live)
24. The Music Machine "Talk Talk"
25. Wanda Jackson "Fujiyama Mama"

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All bands covered in Richie Unterberger's book Unknown Legends of Rock 'n' Roll and its sequel Urban Spacemen and Wayfaring Strangers. The Rising Storm song is from the CD included with the former book, and the Bobby Fuller Four song from the CD included with the latter. Those two books introduced me to so much amazing music!

The Outsiders (track 4) are the Dutch band, not the Chicago band that did "Time Won't Let Me".


mondobongos said...

Nice mixtape!

You may be interested in the following discussion list inspired in part by Unknown legends:

Jeff said...

The "Time Won't Let Me" Outsiders were a *Cleveland* band, *not* a Chicago band..